Lest you think (from my sluggish posting cadence) that our initial ~5 months in Tanzania have been animal-free, I assure you they were not! We did manage to sneak in a long weekend in Mikumi National Park in December before Paige and I departed for BabyWatch2017 in Minnesota. I was relieved that we were able to see more traditional Tanzanian wildlife beyond Mr. Meowskers, the stray cat who hangs out on our patio & eats anything smaller than him who tries to enter our home (or so we hope).

December is the dry season in Mikumi so things were rather brown, but that made it easier to spot the animals that were roaming about… and also concentrated many of them on the few watering holes that still had water! The Hippo Pool was definitely the place to be. More to come on the logistics of driving to Mikumi from Dar es Salaam & where to stay… For now, I’m distracting myself from the 8°F weather of MN with a few photos of animals from our safari!

Family of elephants stopping for a drink (plus Google Photo’s editing skills)

Three giraffe buddies preparing for a neck slap-fight.

John prepares to test his reflexes with a lion outside the car window.

A lioness goes for a trot alongside our car.

Herds of cape buffalo & zebras gather around for a drink.

And here’s a 45-second video of all the buffalo descending on the watering hole en masse:

Lone giraffe looking majestic among the trees.

An irritable child can be seen here outside of her natural habitat. This species, who doesn’t know how good she has it even though her parents constantly remind her, pouts because her parents refuse to bring her back to the hotel swimming pool. (Spirits improved after a snack.)