Well folks, we’re making progress. One week down, and we have several tally marks in the “Minor Victories” column.

  • We have wireless internet @ home via Smile that was surprisingly quick & painless to arrange! Right now, we’re on the $95/month plan for 21Mbps, but we may drop down to 6Mbps for about half the price.
  • We have voice & internet functioning on the Nexus 5X Android phones we brought over from the US via Tigo. I’m just hoping that the text messages I’m receiving from Tigo in Swahili aren’t saying anything relevant…
  • Paige & I walked to a grocery store without incident! Shoppers is about 1/3 of a mile away, a.k.a. a 20 minute walk with a 3 year old.
  • We’ve been to the beach! The Yacht Club sounds fancier than it is (i.e. don’t judge), but the beach is great – enormous during low tide with zillions of tide pools & little beasties to entertain kiddos at length. We encountered sea urchins, big starfish, and crabs of all sizes. And it’s a 15 minute walk from our house (though admittedly, we’ll probably usually drive b/c walking after dark isn’t recommended).

    Look at all that room to play at low tide!!

    beach views

    Shade, glorious shade while gazing out Msasani Bay

  • Paige met a new bestie on her first day in town, & they start preschool together on Monday! Miraculously, one of John’s colleagues has an adorable three year old daughter, and she & Paige have instantly hit it off. The school looks awesome and has cats, bunnies, turtles, and a goat hanging out in the yard outside. And it costs 1/3 of what we were paying for daycare in Arlington. (Admittedly shorter hours here so not totally apples-to-apples in comparing prices…but still an improvement!)
  • We’ve hired a gardener to keep the gorgeous yard we inherited in tip-top shape.


    If Paige considers dead leaves to be toys, we are pretty much all set for Christmas & birthday this year.

  • As of today, we’ll have a car! With it comes considerably more freedom to move around and do some exploring…like this Farmers Market on Saturday.
  • And best of all, Paige is sleeping through the night! Also, she’s had no problems (famous last words) transitioning from her crib-with-the-toddler-rail and blackout window shades @ home to sleeping in the proverbial “big girl bed” under a mosquito net.

    Paige sleeping

    Zonked out, despite the sunlight streaming into her room.

At this rate, just think what we’ll have accomplished by next week… Perhaps we will have ventured beyond a 3 mile radius of our house!! Dream big, I say.