Paige officially has two days of school under her belt here in Tanzania. Since this her first “first day of school” since starting daycare at 8 weeks, please click on the pics below for the obligatory proud parent slideshow of her new digs.

  • Paige's first backpack, Froggie

Someone was a little clingy & nervous on Monday morning, reluctant to get the grand tour from her new teacher and busy hiding behind my leg. Then I pointed out that her friend had arrived. Paige sprinted down the stairs with glee, tried to give her BFF the grand tour like she owned the place, and beelined for the trampoline. .

I was surprised how many preschool options exist in the Dar es Salaam peninsula & slightly farther afield. Our research turned up Little Scholars, My WorldOne PlanetReader Rabbits, The Schoolhouse, Tigger’s Tots, Bush Babies, The French School, the International School, First Years, Little Beaumont, and Bubbly Bunnies for starters. We had grand visions of elaborate tours & assessing the merits of all our choices… In the end, we visited one. 🙂 It came down to a combo of fellow embassy family testimonials, perceived safety, and a strong bias for sending Paige to the same class as her new BFF to lessen the transition shock.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time we fall prey to “But all my friends are doing it!!!” logical fallacy.