When we last left off, loyal readers, our family was operating with a headcount of three.

Our last photo as a trifecta… We always insist that Paige wear pajamas that match our sheets.

Max Nevis Herickhoff finally graced us with his presence in Minnesota… merely a week late & two ounces heavier than his sister (9lb 7oz, and 22″ long). ย (We chose Nevis in honor of the tallest mountain in Scotland, Ben Nevis… as well as our favorite pub in Glasgow where we spent many nights with friends & family the week that we got married over there!)

The many faces of a newborn, imperceptible to anyone besides his parents.

After John & Paige returned to Tanzania, Max and I hung around a couple extra weeks to sneak in some vaccinations + taste the glory of 70-degree spring days in Minnesota. All good things must come to an end, so I packed up all our worldly possessions and headed out for Baby’s First International Flight.

After some debate, I decided to let Max ride with me in the cabin.

Big sister Paige has been surprisingly pro-baby brother, and was delighted to have the family reunited.

A proud sister snuggles her baby bro. What do you think, are they related?

Max is already exploring local fashions…

Max repping Tanzania, with a concurrent shout-out to Mexico on Cinco de Mayo

And he is working on his future dating profile: “I like long naps on the beach.”

Max settles into the speed of life in Tanzania… pole pole. (That means slow.) ๐Ÿ™‚

And now, we are a family of four.

Our first trip out of town with 2 kiddos was a wild success! Amani Beach, we’ll be back.

We’re excited to be back in Dar, especially during the glorious “winter” season where temps can get down to the mid-60s! More to come…. I think? ย ๐Ÿ˜‰